Han Leemhuis of Wadinko

Wadinko is an investment company for entrepreneurs in the Dutch province of Overijssel. We enter into lasting relationships with entrepreneurs who want to grow.

Our collaboration with TENAX started three years ago. There must be a click if you invest in each other, because you have to work together in good times and bad. We had a good feeling about TENAX, not only because of their business model and the figures, but also because of the way Mike runs the company, Rik-Jan’s involvement and how the staff are treated. It all fits with our philosophy. They have a vision for the future and they have guts – but they can also listen to sound advice. TENAX is company with guts that is sensible as well.

What typifies TENAX? They deliver high quality, they are entrepreneurial and they are idiosyncratic. Take, for example, printing digitally on a curved surface. At first, that was impossible, but Mike wanted to make it happen, and he is someone who searches until it does.

TENAX is also the largest employer in Ommen and I expect it to remain so. I estimate that there will be twice as many employees in about five years’ time. And that healthy economic activity is combined with an eye for sustainability. The industry in which TENAX operates is not very sustainable. But the way Mike is working on the new building and production is wonderful to see and important to us. Take metallisation as an example: TENAX is taking hundreds of transport-related kilometres out of the chain.