Marius Schut of Novio Packaging

Novio is a packaging company whose products you see everywhere – mostly higher end and often including printing and other finishing.

I got to know TENAX 20 years ago when they were working in a rather chaotic shed… Now look at them. They have the most beautiful building in the northeast of the Netherlands. A lot has happened.

TENAX is successful because they dare to stick their necks out and are willing to take risks. Initially, we worked together to develop packaging for a German company that sells American hair products for hairdressing salons, among other things. That German company was fairly small and only needed a small range of packaging for its hair products. Novio and TENAX invested in this jointly and developed a new brand and packaging. That brand became – and still is – an unprecedented success. We have done the same with other brands, too: start small and dare to invest and innovate.

By investing together, we have lifted various brands that little bit higher than the competition in terms of quality, which consumers appreciate. This would not have been possible without intensive collaboration between TENAX and us. TENAX likes challenges and, more importantly, they like to innovate, and it doesn’t matter if that is in people, machines or techniques. This, in my opinion, is what makes them stand out from the competition. You won’t hear me say that we never have an issue – actually, I would almost say it is a good thing that we do! But we always manage to resolve it by talking it through. Recently, someone said, “TENAX goes for the maximum”, but actually, I would say that TENAX goes for more than the maximum.