I don’t want to have to say sorry to my children

RIK-JAN DE GROOT – Manager Operations


As packaging printers, it is a fact that we work in an industry that is far from clean. This means we have a huge responsibility to search for better, less environmentally damaging and more energy efficient solutions. And that is exactly what we’re doing, along with our clients and suppliers.

How? We recruit staff locally, talk with ink, film and foil developers about how to improve, and we remain critical, stay curious and never think “that’s good enough”.

We also dare to make choices. Our new premises are climate neutral and we have installed over 13,000 m2 of solar panels. This makes us more than self-sufficient in energy. The building is also constructed of recycled and biobased ‘circular’ materials. We are as proud as punch about all this, so please do come and have a look.

Sustainable packaging that makes the world a bit more beautiful.

We’re going for it. Entrepreneurs who are serious about sustainability will find TENAX to be a reliable partner for the future.