About ténax

Your product must catch the eye and exhibit the high quality which your company represents. You therefore need a reliable partner in the printing sector that can guarantee quality, can process large orders and will propose innovative solutions. ténax is this partner.

We are a healthy and innovative family company, trendsetters in the screen printing arena since the 1970s and current leaders in the foil stamping and digital printing departments as well. We can print any packaging shape and material in any colour and no matter the amount.

Thanks to innovative machines and techniques, we have been guaranteeing the best quality, solving the most complicated printing situations and offering a total package for printing packaging materials for years now.

ténax impresses so that you can make an impression.

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Having started in 1974 with the printing of stickers and billboards, the family company has since 1986 been specialised in the printing of packaging materials. Ténax quickly became a leading screen printer that could deliver when other screen printers couldn’t. Our key to success has been our implementation of innovative machinery and techniques. The second generation is currently at the helm of the company, with a new modern and sustainable factory under construction.

About ténax

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