Cindy Lee of Rituals

Appearance is very important to our brand, so although Novio is TENAX’s client, you regularly find us in Ommen as well. We visit for colour matches, sampling and to see if the colours for upcoming products are good enough. TENAX really takes time for us.

For example, I was once there with an innovation team colleague who wanted a bottle to be pink. TENAX had already done 20 colour matches, but one time it was a bit too yellow, another time a little too brown, too green and so on. But they went on until it was completely perfect for us. To make each version involved shutting the machine down completely, so you can imagine how much time they invest to make something perfect.

They understand our goal, sometimes better than we do. They know the effect of the colours and this means they can achieve the effect you want. We like that. And I think that is craftsmanship. You feel the passion when you are there.

When it comes to sustainability, we view the role of our partners as being important. We therefore value the fact that TENAX has moved to a carbon neutral production facility and provides employment for the region. As a brand, we aim to achieve a number of certifications that involve taking a critical look at our suppliers. TENAX reinforces our sustainability story. I’ve been working for Rituals for eight years now and TENAX has always been there for us. If there is a problem, one call to Rik-Jan is enough. Then it’s, “Cindy, don’t worry, it will be fine”. And ten times out of ten, everything is resolved. TENAX surprises not only with the end result, but also with the printing process, the investments they make and their forward thinking. And through this they inspire Rituals as well.