Beautymaker Rik-Jan

‘I don’t want to have
to say sorry to my children’

I came here six years ago as a graduate. I’m now operational manager and a part owner.

It’s really all about taking it to the max here. You make beautiful articles. Always under pressure. You always have to deliver on time. The quality must be good. You can’t ease up anywhere.

If you have been really busy with a project, and you make it, together, you grab a beer and celebrate. And the next day the next problem is there. Really hardcore.

What sets us apart is the mentality, 100%. If we say “yes”, then we do it too. If that means that I have to print bottles myself at night, I will. And not only me, but there is a whole team around me.

We had the opportunity to erect a new building. Sustainability is very important in our industry, which is why I chose it. Ultimately, I think that’s the way ahead, and I hope to reduce the impact we have on this world slightly.

Also, I have to be very honest about what my job is. We are responsible for the more than 100 people who work here. So the building had to be future-proof as well. If we had built a square box and pretended that nothing was happening around us, I know that in five years’ time, we would no longer be at the forefront of the battle.

Six years ago we started something. Gradually, you notice that you are encountering more and more people on the way. This new building is also my baby, so to speak.