Beautymaker Marja


I’ve never had a day when I didn’t feel like going to work. Nice colleagues. Good atmosphere. Professionality. And then you put your shoulder to the wheel, together.

We make little works of art here. Most people don’t know that we print directly onto the product. People nearly always imagine a label if you say we print cosmetic products.

We are also continually innovating and discovering new things. Trying to stay one step ahead in everything. Because if we do something, then we do it well. We don’t like work that is half done.

We are about going to the limit and making the most of every possibility. Beauty, goodness and functionality. But also as sustainable as possible. You can’t ignore that any longer.

And when I see what we can do and how beautiful the result is… It’s fantastic that we, as a company, can contribute to this.

Sustainability is about thinking ahead. That is our strength. And you can see it in everything we do. It’s throughout our building, but also in the way we do things. We are trying to incorporate sustainability into our company more and more.

You can see something from here in every store. I noticed that when I first came to work here. I walked into a store and all I saw were products that had been printed here. That is so special! That makes me proud.